Senin, 10 Oktober 2011

Shopping Buffs Can Take It Easy Near Hotels In Holborn

Folks will find themselves enticed to the capital city for varied reasons. One of the chief among them can be attributed to the places it helms for the shopping enthusiasts. One of such place Holborn is buzzing with stores, and markets. Visitors can rush here at any time of the season. Plenty of choices can be adhered to. Travellers to the city will find theses hubs nearby hotels in Holborn. Stay in one of those for a grand excursion. Some examples of the shopping markets in Holborn are:

International Magic Shop

Clerkenwell Road in London plays host to this superb shop. As the name suggests, budding magicians can lay their hands on a superb variety at this place. Any stuff relating to magicians can be splurged on. Whether it is the props, videos, games, cards, magic stick or apparels of magicians, bags full of magical toys are sure to be traded. Magic course for the beginners and novices are also conducted to learn the tricks of the trade. Children are sure to have a thrilling time. The shop remains closed only on Sundays.

London Silver Vaults

This is the place to arrive if you want to indulge in a spree of finest silver. Visitors can rely absolutely on the quality and authenticity of the material. A range of a total forty shops under one roof can be accessed by the travellers, in service for over five decades. Visitors can also buy exotic and upmarket antique silver and jewellery. From champagne swizzle sticks to silver chairs, the stuff inside the shop is rare and exclusive. Items covering almost all the centuries adorn the shelf. A saunter at Chancery Lane in Holborn will take you to this superb place.

Leather Lane Market

A traditional street market of London operating since 300 years, visitors can buy anything from garments, accessories, CDs, gadgets to food items on economical rates. The earlier names of the market were Le Vrunelane in the 13th century and Loverane Lane in the 14th century times. This place opens as early as 10 am and closes around 3 in the afternoon from Monday to Friday. Frequented by the office going crowd, this market is located at Leather Lane in London. If you are hungry after all that shopping, taking care of your dietary needs is an array of cafes in vicinity to this market.